Payment Power To The People

Launch and support a currency for your community
with Interbuck's easy and secure payment system.

Keep Money Flowing Round Your Community

Interbuck rewards loyalty and brings communities together by encouraging spending within a group.

Unify Local Businesses

Set up a business community for your local area and build a critical mass of interest among your customers.

Launch A Currency

Create your own Interbuck currency to encourage money to circulate in your community.

Facilitate Payments

Accept and encourage payments from your customers through the Interbuck mobile and tablet app (coming soon).

Why Community Currencies?

Local or micro-currencies bring a range of benefits to the businesses and locals involved.
Interbuck makes it easier to get these projects off the ground and makes them more scalable and sustainable.

Together you're stronger against out-of-town or multinational competitors.

A strong business network can generate incremental sales from buyers looking for trade opportunities within the currency network.

Currency networks can connect businesses with new customers sharing values such as reducing carbon footprints, or keeping production local.

Pumping money into an area is pointless if it flows straight back out again.

Yet this is precisely what happens with national currency.

If high streets are dominated by multinational corporations with non-local supply chains and there is no geographical restriction on where the currency can be spent, profits won’t remain in the local area.

Studies have shown that £0.45 of £1 spent in a local currency is reinvested locally, compared with £0.15 when spent at a chain company. Of £1 spent online, £0 is reinvested locally.

Currency projects can stimulate thinking and discussion about how money works and impacts a local economy.

Raising people’s awareness of the socio-economic effect of their consumer behaviour can have direct benefits for local economies through increasing custom to participating businesses.

As customers chat to business owners about why they’re participating in a community currency scheme, and what advantages it brings to both parties, stronger connections between local people and businesses are made. This can create a more social high street, where business owners and customers get to know each other, as well as developing customer loyalty around the shared values represented by the currency.

Interbuck provides businesses with convenient and affordable point-of-sale options.

Interbuck’s app for customers and business allows participating traders to accept electronic payments – and offers customers new, often more convenient ways to purchase goods. Small businesses can thereby keep up with – or even move ahead of – the technology offered by large corporations, while the added convenience for customers can translate into a boost in sales.

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